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Let us accept the truth at last, which is we wear makeup and stand in front of the mirror for a major part of our lives in order to enhance the beautiful features that God created us with and if we feel that our features are not all that great then the makeup is used for the purpose of concealment. You will have to concede that when it comes to makeup and cosmetics just standing in front of the mirror for years do not mean that you have complete knowledge of cosmetics and just because you apply makeup daily does not mean that you are perfect when it comes to applying it.

Since we can all use a little help when it comes to makeup and skin care and looking our best, here are a few tips that will help you make the best choices the next time you’re shopping for anything from cosmetics to skin care to fragrance;

* Clean skin is considered ideal for all cosmetic and fragrances to work their best and before you start your makeup you would need to do a proper cleansing procedure to get the best from any product. All the makeup and skin care products will be able to fulfill their promises much more easily and your fragrance will make you smell your best on clean and clear skin.

* In order to make your skin glow you would need to moisturize and tone it. Christian Dior makeup and skin care are ideal choices and you would need to consider them as a great skin care and makeup line which suits all skin types across ages and fits your budget.

* By wearing the right foundation and wearing it properly at that you can make the most of your properly cleansed skin. You can hide your imperfections; complete the look and condition the skin using the foundation. In order to apply the foundation you will need to dot it on your chin, cheeks, forehead and nose. Using an upward motion you can blend it into the skin by using a damp cotton or sponge.

* You can conceal if needed and the concealer is used to hide all our imperfections like blemishes, dark circles and dry skin which look bad on our skin. You can make use of solid concealers if you are planning to hide pimples, scars and acne. Christian Dior makeup line which is a high quality product will be able to do all these things without looking dry or cakey like some cheap brands.

* You should not be afraid to experiment with colors and you can play up your eyes. There are a number of options that Christian Dior makeup offers and my favorite is the 5-Color eye shadow palette as the number of possibilities and color combinations to choose from is amazing and all from one palette.

* Blushes and highlighters are something that you should not be afraid of. If applied properly the right blush can make you look years younger and the wrong one will make you look old. If you use the highlighter on the brow bone, cheek bones and inner corner of the eyes you will look radiant with a youthful glow like never before and I love the Christian Dior’s Diamond Shimmer palette.

* Lipstick makeup can be used to enhance your look and you will find some of the most exquisite lipstick colors and luscious lip glosses from the Christian Dior collection. There are chances that you might get confused seeing the number of colors available and if you are unsure then you choose corals as they are known to be universally flattering and there is a new shade of water melon that suits all skin types. You can also try lipstick in Coral Cashmere Satin or Devilish Pink from the Christian Dior makeup line.

All the tips that are listed above can work wonders on your skin and makeup regime and you will look as gorgeous as all the Christian Dior models seen in ads.

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