What Exaclty Is Acne?

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Acne, also know as acne vulgaris, usually appears between the ages of 10 to 40. You may have had flawless skin as a teenager and find that lately pimple spots are developing. On the other hand, you may have been someone who had a horrible case of acne growing up and are now attemping to remove scars.

There are a variety of ways and places that acne can appear. Sometimes you may only suffer from facial acne or back acne but regardless it is a nuisance and you’re striving for clear skin. A lot of people are not educated on the type of acne that exists and therefore they purchase the wrong acne remedies. It is important to understand how and why acne appears so that you purchase a product with the most effective ingredients. Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid are two key ingredients to an effective acne. Before we get into ingredients, let’s cover the types of acne that do exist.

Blackheads – Whiteheads – Pimples – Zits – Cysts – Postules – Congested Pores

If you’re unsure what type of acne you have after reading the acne reviews, I do suggest that you make an appointment with a well qualified dermatologist for a thorough consultation. Research is key and will save you time and money. Let’s cover some key information and find out what lies ahead.
What are acne causes?

There are multiple reasons that acne takes form. Usually, acne appears around the age when puberty kicks in. Oil glands take on a life of their own and hormonal acne arises. The steps on how to treat acne can be daunting due to the vast amount of acne remedies on the market. The medical concept of how and why we get acne makes complete sense. You will find that this concept leads back to the oils in our skin and the process of our body producing oil to hydrate the skin. The oils that cause acne are stimulated by the adrenal gland. This oil in medical terms is called Sebum. Sebum’s job is to lubricate and protect the skin. Sometimes cells that are close to the skin’s surface act as a blocking agent to the opening of the oil glands. This then makes sense that the oil has no where to escape thus causing a backup. The oil begins to stimulate the bacteria that then multiples and causes surrounding tissues to become inflamed.

Don’t be fooled by all the so called “bad acne” causes. Below, we have listed a few myths that are floating around about acne. Unless your case of acne is extremely severe, acne is not usually hereditary.

Stress; no level of stress can cause your skin to have a pimple outbreak.

Hormones; thats right! Unless you have unusual menstrual cycles or excessive hair growth, hormones cannot be blamed for acne.

Dirty/Sweaty Skin. Who would have thought? Oil causes a breakout, not sweaty skin.

High oil foods. Enjoy them. It is not the oil in the food, its the oil your body produces that causes acne breakouts.

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