Common Treatments For Melasma: Skin Whitening Techniques

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Hyperpigmentation problems begin to affect us as we age. You may begin to notice that you no longer have an even skin tone, in fact, you may have started to spot larger stains that have begun to appear on your face, hands, chest and back.

This blotchy skin can make your skin look older and even affect your own self esteem. Hyperpigmentation problems are usually caused by hormonal issues (during and after pregnancy) and by over exposure to the sun. No matter what the cause may be, most women are eager to find a solution.

When hyperpigmentation spots appear on your face it is most commonly known as melasma. Darker skinned women are the most prone to suffer this type of skin problem, however, it is more noticeable in lighter skinned individuals.

The most common types of melasma treatments usually rely on skin whitening products and procedures. These procedures strive to reduce and control the amount of melanin in each cell. The most common whitening techniques include laser treatments, chemical peels and bleaching products.

The intensity of a chemical peel can be controlled to best suit your needs, making it a great option in the treatment of melasma. The depth of a peel will depend on the chemicals used by the specialist performing the procedure. If at any moment you experience any discomfort, they specialist may use cooling agents or topical anesthetics to treat the problem.

Laser treatment will work on melasma, but it can also lead to more hyperpigmentation and even hypopigmentation problems. The results can also be inconsistent. Laser treatment is recommended more for darker skinned individuals.

Bleaching creams will help lighten the skin and are best suited to treat larger areas of skin. Bleaching creams contain a variety of different active ingredients.

Hydroquinone is one of the most popular bleaching ingredients. This ingredient can lead to problems such as irritation or permanent discoloration. However, there seem to be safer alternatives.

Azelaic acid is one such alternative that is also used in acne medication. Kojic acid and glycolic acid have also been proven to be a good alternative to hydroquinone.

Once you’ve undergone any of these products you should take special heed to the following precaution. Since bleaching procedures correct skin tone by eliminating melanin, our skin’s natural sun block, it is important to use a strong sunscreen product. If you’re not sure which SPF to use, ask your doctor to recommend one for your particular case.

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