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Is your face prone to acne breakouts? General tips would be to ensure that your skin is clean and rid of any impurities such as facial oil or dust. Apply your daily skin cleanser, scrub thoroughly and rinse with water. If this method does not work, then you will need an alternative solution.

The article below will demonstrate one of the acne treatments with the use of homemade products.

You will need apple cider vinegar as the main ingredient. Do not use ordinary vinegar as they do not contain effective nutrient which your skin require because it has gone through distillation process which rids of essentials. Plus, its PH would be too harsh for your skin. Apple cider vinegar contains plenty of alpha hydroxyl and amino acids which gently dissolves dead skin and fatty deposits on skin surface. It is a powerful skin detoxifier and cleansers which will effectively unclogs pores and reduce scaly skin once applied.

Next important ingredient is honey. Honey functions to retain moisture and has anti ageing benefits. It is best applied on clean skin surface for maximum nutrient absorption into the blood stream.

Many would not be aware that sugar can be used as natural exfoliating agent which unclogs pores and reduces appearance of large pores. Glycerin which sugar contains moisturizes the skin.

Lastly green tea is also a vital part of the ingredient. Green tea has anti ageing benefits besides its ability to repair skin cells.

Firstly, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar into a bowl. Maintain a ratio of 1 part cider vinegar and 2 parts green tea into a bowl. Next, add five teaspoons of sugar into a mixture and stir well. Add also one teaspoon of honey. Lastly add 2 teaspoon of sugar into the bowl.

Transfer the solution into a jar to be put into the fridge to refrigerate before applying it onto your face daily to combat acne breakouts. The above is a very natural and cost effective way to maintain your looks.

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