Acne Natural Treatments – Benefit Of Tomatoes To Cure Acne

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Having beautiful skin is everyone’s dream. And of course, without acne. It is so embarrassing to have acne. Acne doesn’t just affect your face, but also your social life as well.

The good news is, you don’t need expensive cream or treatment if you want to cure your acne. There are so much choice of home remedies you can try. One of the best recommended natural treatment you can try is by using tomatoes as acne natural treatment. They are easy to get and inexpensive.

Tomatoes have antioxidant which is good to prevent skin damage. Tomatoes are also rich with vitamin A and C. Vitamin A in tomatoes is good to reduce sebum. Sebum itself is the substance that can cause clog in your face pores. Tomato is also good to tighten pores on your skin.

How to use tomatoes as acne natural treatment:

Cut a tomato into half and rub it to affected area, leave it a few minutes and rinse it off. If you want to try another variation of tomatoes mask, You can combine it with cucumber.

My own experiment with tomatoes:

I usually use tomato as a mask. But not to cure acne (by the way, I don’t have acne). In the beginning, I used tomatoes to moisture my face skin. Accidentally, I found another great benefit of tomatoes for my skin. Tomatoes cured my redness. Well, that’s a little story from me.


Sometimes, One treatment is good to someone, but not to others. If you find treatment by using tomatoes doesn’t work well for you. It is suggested to find another natural treatment.

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